save it for another day

by saltlick

pittsburgh 02:43
they stare at you blankly hoping you will change but you haven't got the chance cuz they've haven't turned away and who here has the right to say that you're not good enough pittsburgh's got me out of my mind
haunt 02:43
life with you was the best thing to happen to me life was as graceful as a summer afternoon but life with you now in the same town will rip me to shreds again i hope i never see you again but if i do i will ask this: "why do you haunt me so? why do you make a fool of me? why do you haunt me so? why do you make me feel like i don't wanna breathe? why do you haunt me so?"
scrolling 01:58
i'm too scared to ask you on a date so instead i'll sit at home and just scroll through your facebook feed and wonder why it isn't me in those pictures you took last summer and i'm too scared to see you face to face so i'll put my head down on campus and i am afraid of figuring out that you didn't love me anyways these days i've been looking at your window too much hoping one day you will see me it comes in waves then i feel just fine grasping onto everything i can find to prove that i'm not a coward there comes a day where i will find that everything in my life is alright but until then i will keep scrolling through your twitter


released May 25, 2018


all rights reserved



saltlick Columbus, Ohio

music for sleepy people

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